Social Local Mobile


SoLoMo is when someone accesses social media on a mobile devise to obtain information on the local area.  I like to have my vacations planned a little better than this but many people don’t.

SoLoMo lends a great deal of help to the tourist or someone new in the area that wants to gain information about places to stay, places to eat and visit. All with recommendations on how others did or did not like their experience.

The hospitality industry has a great tool to make themselves known to consumers quickly and easily. And, with good recommendations, a possible place for the connected consumer to land.  By using the social networks (So), geo location (Lo) and mobile devices (Mo) everyone can find exactly what they need either close to home or when traveling for personal or business.

For example, after touring a few sites, the individual wants to find a place to eat.  Just using their smartphone and an application like Google Maps, Foursquare or Yelp, they can find a restaurant that satisfies their needs in an area that is close to their current location.  In addition, using the rating system, find the one with the best rating.
A recent Google survey found that 51% of mobile users find trip information with their smartphone.

Next time I am in an unfamiliar area, I will try this SoLoMo and see how helpful it is to me.