About Jacalyn Holsted



I am a content and brand strategist consultant. I’ve worked with clients such as Hewlett-Packard, Cobalt, CreativeWorks, Medical Labs, Jay Walter Thompson, Microsoft and LaCie.

Suffice it to say that over the past years, I have accumulated solid business and marketing experience by working with a broad range of companies in various industries and stages of growth.

It is this real world experience that makes me an effective and valuable asset. My focus is on watching, learning and listening to the marketplace that my clients do business in and planning and implementing marketing strategies that promote positive brand identity and enhance growth while increasing revenue.

My creative sensibilities are heavily inspired by traditional marketing techniques as well as social and online outlets. I believe in the fundamental approach of planning and building a solid foundation for businesses to grow from.

It is an evolving environment and requires solid thinking and business and communications strategies to set up the right image and direction.

Social media strategy is important to the content strategy development which is why I stay current with social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy and other applications. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

My clients describe me as
• “highly creative providing solutions to complex issues”,
• “an effective public speaker with excellent presentation skills”,
• “possessing the ability to quickly gain market and product knowledge”
• “capably develop effective, well-targeted and integrated strategic marketing programs”
• “demonstrated resourcefulness in coming up with solutions for marketing problems”.

I bring my experience, curiosity, hard-working mentality, love of researching and using that knowledge to develop customized brand and content strategies to solve your issues and efficiently use resources.