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  • 6 questions to answer before creating content.

    I know it’s a temptation to want to move forward quickly when adding pages or new sections to your website.  But, it is really important to think about content and message before moving full speed ahead. Before creating content,  take the time to answer the following questions. What is the goal of this page or… Read more

    6 questions to answer before creating content.
  • Social Local Mobile

    SoLoMo is when someone accesses social media on a mobile devise to obtain information on the local area.

    Social Local Mobile
  • What is being said about you online?

    Do you know? Whether you actively participate in social media, are an observer or if you don’t pay any attention to it,  it is important to manage and keep track of your business’s online reputation. Why? Because your customers are talking about you and people are listening. Local review sites are playing an important role… Read more

    What is being said about you online?
  • Digging Deep

    Being curious is a great asset and being brave, in addition to curious, allows the ability to be more creative and more successful.  This applies to personal as well as business. One of the differences between a good and a great team is the teams willingness to ask and explore the questions that go far… Read more

    Digging Deep